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Submit using the online link before June 15th for free!

We are currently accepting short film submissions for TwFF 2014

Submitting your film to the Tumbleweed Film Festival is super easy.  Fill out the form below, include the link to your high resolution movie, and we will download your film.

Submission is free until June 15th. We accept submissions from all genres and subjects. Films must be under 20 minutes to be considered for screening at the Tumbleweed Film Festival.

If you prefer to submit your short film as a DVD screener, there will be a $20 submission fee.  Please fill out the form below, print and mail it along with a DVD copy of your film, and a check payable to Tumbleweed Film Festival:

Tumbleweed Film Festival
5417 48th Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98136

Director E-Mail Address
Film synopsis under 200 words
Please provide link to film to watch and download information
Before Sending Type in Letters You See
Before Sending Type in Letters You See